Monday, February 8, 2021.

My provider reminded me about the passage and mildly urged me to provide the next article.

Their latest podcast is just the number 14. It is the title of Everything you need to know about chanting.

The podcast interests me, but many persons may not. If you think so, how you feel about the title of How I Show Up For others?

If you cannot accept this, how is the article of 3 Ideas On How to Get Along With Others?

The two articles and one podcast that I can provide you is all today. But you can find out suitable something for you because of course, the web of buddhability has many articles and podcasts. Buddhability has included everything.

Wednesday, 9 December, 2020. The website of the Buddhability

When I observed what the website of the Buddhability has changed after another, It lets me consider that the purpose of this blog is what was. It is a problem for me now to lose focus. However, It is probably good for me to let myself go with the flow of cosmic life rather as I am than seeking for the purpose.

On the web, there are new articles: What’s True Friendship? Asking for a Friend; and How to Stay Motivated to Take COVID Precautions. In addition, there are nine podcasts too. The latest episode is #9(How small goals add up to big dreams).

Thursday, 3 December, 2020. Learning How to Stand Up for Myself

I said "What is Buddhability?" on October 10.

However, Mr. Joseph Schoendorf said "Buddhability is about breaking through my own self-imposed limitations" on the Buddhability in the articles of buddhability.

He said so surely, so you may check it too.


Saturday, 21 November, 2020.

How were their married life of Ian and Audrey? This story was of interest to me not only in the past but also in the present form. The story was for 30 minutes, but too long for me. However, it is my fault because I am not an English native speaker. Therefore I could not fully understand their story, but I could completely feel each their's love through both the tone and voice of the conversation.

If you are a native speaker or a good English hearer, you can enjoy the story more. I think so surely. 

Incidentally, I must apologize first that do not say where you can check out in the beginning. It is here, the story of #8: What It Takes, A Love Story.

P.S.: Actually, it was not important for my Japanese to be so doubtful.

Saturday, 14 November, 2020.

Who is Rory Arnaud? I know it is not important as you think so. 

The title of "Winning Morning, Winning Life" nearly suggests what is important. 

Surely, it is important what we should do in the morning. For instance, breakfast, jogging, various preparations, etc., is that all?

There is an answer to this question or not? It is a problem, isn't it! Now check it.